Purchase domain names and sell them immediately

Most domainers own more than 100 domain names and it is not uncommon that they own more than 1,000 or 10,000. As they can not give equal attention to all domain names, domainers choose to focus on a certain number of domain names and to sell the reminder at a bargain price in forums or bazar marketplaces. Some of those domains can be purchased and immediately be sold in other marketplaces, where the final price will be closer to the real value of the domain name.

Like in most young markets, the price of domain names highly vary according to where they are offered on sale and to whom they are offered to. A simple and risk-free arbitration consists of purchasing domain names in wholesale marketplaces and selling them to end-users. Typically, end-users pay at least 3 to 10 times more than domainers, because the value of a given domain name is higher for them than for anybody else. Very often, one just need to identify the end-user of a domain name and offer it on sale. This is simple and highly profitable, but domainers usually do not do it. The strategy of buying from domainers and selling to endusers works well for acronyms, but also for niche domain names.

Advice 3. Buy domain names in forums and sell them in regular marketplaces

Advice 4. Buy acronym domain names to domainers & sell them to end users

Advice 5. Sell domain names to traffic buyers

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